SUN Group 

SUN Group 

SUN is a leading business and investment group based principally in India and the countries of the Former Soviet Union (“FSU”). Its principal shareholders are members of the Khemka family, who have been active in business throughout India for more than 100 years in a variety of operating sectors, including the mining, energy and other core infrastructure sectors.

Leveraging these long-standing and diverse business activities in India as well as the Khemka family’s extensive business experience in Russia since the 1950s, Nand Khemka established SUN in the 1980s to invest in emerging market opportunities through merchant banking, private equity and investment management approaches in core markets. In the last decade SUN’s activities have included direct private equity investment as well as the establishment of a limited number of specialised private equity vehicles to invest the Khemka family’s capital, as well as that of selected institutional investors. While SUN has invested in a variety of markets and geographies, its core private equity business has been in the emerging markets of India and Russia. In these target markets, SUN has focused on establishing geographic and sector-specific private equity investment firms and leveraging its investment experience and proprietary business network to provide these investment firms with the resources and oversight necessary to manage the Khemka family’s and third party capital and generate successful investment returns.

SUN’s Chairman Nand Khemka has over 50 years of business experience in India, the FSU and around the world leading many of the Khemka businesses and SUN. The other senior principals of SUN are Shiv Khemka and Uday Khemka, each with more than 15 years of investment and private equity experience. Shiv and Uday have been responsible for establishing and managing SUN’s various investment and private equity vehicles in India and Russia as well as SUN’s principal investments. In addition to its family principals, SUN has built a team of experienced private equity professionals in India, Russia and the United Kingdom. SUN and the Khemka family have offices and operations across all major regions of India.

Our strength lies in our ability to identify secular trends, invest early and quickly build critical mass. As a family-owned business with a broad base of professional management and partners, the Group is well-positioned to leverage these strengths.

The Group evaluates specific business opportunities on three basic parameters:

  • Long-term growth potential of the sector
  • Quality of management skills within the portfolio company or SUN Group to address the investment challenges
  • Potential for appropriate risk-adjusted financial returns

Working with emerging markets and emerging technologies, SUN Group has the opportunity to make an impact not only with the financial return from an investment, but also as a catalyst in the restructuring of industries. The development of clear corporate governance practises and corporate citizenship obligations are areas where SUN Group has contributed, either directly through the actions of its portfolio companies or through the participation of its executives in various initiatives to foster such practises.


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