ИП Sumqayıt Texnologiyalar Parkı 


ИП Sumqayıt Texnologiyalar Parkı 

The latest technologies complex

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The first stage of Sumgait  Technologies Park was launched on 22 December 2009 by the President of the  Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The park's territory  is 45 hectares. The territory of the plant corpses in the park is 140 000 m2.

Putting into operation of this industrial park which has no similar in the post-Soviet place, gives the    great opportunities to the development of the electroenergetics  in our country, to strengthening  of its existing potential, reconstruction and modernization of the energy establishments.

Power engineering devices of our republic are supplied with the new local technical equipment  and products  by this grandiose  economical complex .  Production of cheap and qualitative products are regulated using the natural  resources in the regions. Projects  intended according to the reduction of the transportation costs and time  are realized in the shortest time and the cost price of the products decrease. All of these give a chance to export the competitive products in the complex.

The products are being made for the electroenergetics industry and the production lines, workshops and plants are constructed in Sumgait Technologies  Park. More than 2300 persons have worked in the construction -  assemblage works within the first stage of the industrial park. 3000 persons including high qualified engineers will work constantly here after the whole putting into operation of the enterprise.

The  "Sumgait -3" private substation is just first enterprise  in the Southern Caucasus. The substation's territory is not large, so it can be used in the construction of the city type of the substation.  The substation is automated at the highest level and possesses an internally micro-control system. This mechanism doesn't need repair and it is possible to manage from the direct central  dispatcher point. The power of the  substation is 200 MVA. The substation is connected to the republican energy system and from here the energy is  transferred to the main production enterprises of Sumgait.

The plastic pipes with diameter 800 mm are being manufactured in the plant. The production of such pipes (Pressure reaches 16 atmospheres ) is the first action in the CIS area  and they will be  used in cabling, construction of small hydro-electric stations and also in the junction of gas, water and sewerage systems. The annual industrial capacity of the enterprise is 20 000  tons. It is intended to  Broad the production corps and to increase the production of the range of goods twice in the future years.

The area of the Copper and Aluminum electrotechnical rods production Factory  is 3000 m2.. The most modern equipment has been assembled  and the test - mending works have been already completed.  The Copper and Aluminum electrotechnical rods are being produced in the factory which are needed  hardly for the electroenergetics industry.  Annual production of this plant is 30 000 tons. Ready Copper and Aluminum ingots are given to production process and then Copper and Aluminum rods are made from this high quality raw material. These products are meet to the modern standards. The  Factory producing cables with the capacity up to 110 kV is the only  enterprise  based by the cutting-edge technologies in the  CIS place. Here the equipments have been installed in accordance with the latest scientific and technological innovations. Cables of different cross-sections and voltages ((1, 6, 10, 35 and 110 ),  Copper and Aluminum wires  with the cross-section of  800 mm2 , control cables with lead coating designed for maritime use are being produced. The production of 30 000 tons aluminum and copper cables is possible in this plant. These manufactured cables  have aluminum, steel and lead armor. The products will be manufactured for the export to the  world market too. The orders on  export of the  same cables of 132 and 154 kV have been already received from the foreign countries. The factory which will produce cables of 500 kV has no analogue in CIS place. Only 7 such enterprises carry out activity   in the world at present.